Real Change Movement
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The Real Change Movement. Heart. Help. Happiness.

Are you moved by the plight of the homeless? Wonder how best to help? As a community, we have the opportunity to take action and create lasting change.

Studies show that those who give to a good cause, who actively help others, are measurably happier.

This principle is at the heart of the Real Change Movement. The Real Change Movement is an initiative focused on raising awareness about the issues of homelessness and generating new funds to help make a difference. Its goal is to help provide homes for the homeless with the credit card and small change donations you make through our special donation meter program. As a collaborative effort involving local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals, the campaign aims to harness the power of our community. Integrating online and social media channels, grassroots outreach, and public service announcements, the Real Change Movement seeks to touch hearts and minds with a long-term, positive approach to a common concern.

If you're inspired and wish to contribute, simply click on the Donate Now button and experience the happiness of giving — here and now.

Homes for the homeless. Powered by change.Donate Nowgraphic of Real Change meter

Meter Donation Program

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A unique aspect of the Real Change Movement is the introduction of our meter donation program, the first of its kind in Los Angeles County. Generously donated by IPS Group, these meters have been specially designed for our campaign. Our unconventional meters, symbols of help and hope, are easy to spot with their bright, bold orange look.

Public Service Announcement

Community-Specific Information


Homes for the homeless. Powered by change.

The Real Change Movement is coordinated by the Flintridge Center. For more information about the overall campaign, please contact Josh McCurry.

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